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Hi, im Amardeep and i have just joined this forum, kind of, and just started to find intrest in Boxing.

But instead of watching it i wanna do it.

I need some help from you to tell me how to get in the right shape for a Boxer, like what exercise i shuld do more and what i should eat and that. lol

I do Dumbells for biceps, i do a bit of press up and a bit sit up, i know that i need to do more but dno how much so i'm asking someone to make me a small plan kind of thing, not a long list, but a small one so i can get through i easy..


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Hey there, welcome to the forum! Hopefully you'll find all the info you need here. We have a great group of members that are evry knowledgable and willing to take the time to help you out.
First off I would say that boxing traing is anything but "easy". It is probably one of the most intense cardio workouts you can do. At my gym, our routine is this:

20 minutes jump rope
5 (3 minute) rounds on speed bag
5 (3 minute) rounds on heavy bag
3-5 (3 minute) rounds on uppercut bag
3 rounds on double-end bag
15 minutes on cycle
After all of that, you can do your calesthenics for about 15 minutes total. (Pushups, situps, crunches, jumping jacks, etc)

We do this workout mon thru thursday. 4 days a week.
When your first learning, you need to practice proper punching technique, footwork and movement. You shouldnt feel the need to move at a fast pace, as you want to learn correctly. Do it slowly at first and get your muscles and brain used to throwing punches properly, and then you will gradually speed it up and use more power as you develop. Check the other stickied threads at the top of the training and nutrition section as they may be an aid to you as well.

I would also recommend trying to get to a local gym if possible, as you'll find good instruction, and someone to show you what your doing wrong/right to help keep you on track in the right direction.

Best of luck to you, and feel free to ask any more questions you may have.

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I am sure you can find some good boxing gyms in your area. Get yourself a trainer that will teach you proper WAY. Because if aquired, bad habits will be hard to brake.

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Hey mate, i have a nice site to search for some clubs in your area. Anyways, here's a list from Birmingham:

Boxing News

Go to "ABA Clubfinder" and look in your area, im guessing Birmingham? Here's a list from there:

Regional Division : Birmingham Division
52 Harvey Road
South Yardley
B26 1TD

Contact : Bill Meddings
Tel : 0121 784 1038

ABA Clubs in this region :

872 Walsall Road
Great Barr
B42 1TH

Contact : Brian Cusak
Tel : 0121 358 2516
Birmingham City Police
120 Spies Lane
West Midlands
B62 9SR

Contact : Frank O'Sullivan
Tel : 0121 422 9379
Or : 07952 093079
Birmingham Division
52 Harvey Road
South Yardley
B26 1TD

Contact : Bill Meddings
Tel : 0121 784 1038
Birmingham Irish
2 Lichfield Road
West MIdlands
B46 1EG

Contact : Anthony Ryan
Tel : 01675 466 377 (no incoming)
Or : 07814 350 318
Birmingham Youth
17 Armstrong Drive
Smiths' Wood
B36 9NL

Contact : Frank Armstrong
Tel : 0121 681 5171
Hall Green Sbc
5 Trevorne Close
Balsall Heath
B12 9TN

Contact : Thomas Chaney
Tel : 0121 440 8407
Or : 07877 277 811
37 Meadway
B33 8HS

Contact : Billy Smith
Or : 07855 528 496
Warley ABC
22 Buckingham Road
Rowley Regis
West Midlands
B65 9JN

Contact : John Nash
Tel : 07976 599 917
Hobs Moat
47 Beechmore Road
B26 3AR

Contact : Roy Barbour
Tel : 0121 743 9463
Or : 07752 735 317
23 Playdon Grove
B14 4RH

Contact : Angela McDaid
Tel : 0121 430 8335
Nechells Green ABC
Nechells Green community centre
Melvina Road
B7 4QU

Tel : 0121 523 9347
Nechells Green ABC
324 Hospital Street
B19 2NJ

Contact : Ernie Holt
Tel : 0121 523 9347
Small Heath
72 Milner Road
Selly Park
B29 7RQ

Contact : Pat Benson
Tel : 0121 415 5439
St. Francis's
139 Shawdale Road
B36 8NG

Contact : Hazel Morrow
Tel : 0121 748 1879
Or : 07714 748 025
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