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Tommy Morrison's return official

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According to aol sports, and a few other sites I found today, Morrison is set to fight tonight in Chester West Virginia. From what I can tell he isn't rushing into things. He's fighting the 4-2 John Castle in a 4 round bout. I used to watch Tommy when I was a kid and would like to see how he does tonight. I'm wondering if anyone knows if these fights will be televised anywhere. Also, even though his blood tests are coming back clean right now does anyone think that any fighters of importance would be willing to chance a fight w/ him if he is succesful w/ the comeback? Here's the link if you're interested.
News- Former Champ Morrison Mounts Comeback - AOL Sports
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So his gonna knock the **** out of some bum just to make himself look good? To tell you the truth... I'd much rather him as World Heavyweight Champion (if he can make it)... rather than all of the other current World Heavyweight Boxing Champions... in spite of the fact that he was a no good drug steroid taking cheat... but at least he admitted to it and came clean... unlike most Professional Sportsman who have excuses like "It was my doctor" or "It was an accident" or "I don't know"... HE OWNED UP TO IT... he knew exactly was he was doing!!! Let's hope the older, wiser Tommy Morrison can not only earn more forgiveness and respect... but actually get somewhere... and become World Heavyweight Champion!:thumbsup:
Tommy "The Machine" Gunn WON... YEAH! :cool:
ERIK said:
In an interview on Vs last night he said he lost the weight when he stopped doin roids & started doin cocainne.

Im guessing he is off both now but he didnt look to good in the pics I saw of the fight.
Well... he is in his late 30s and has just come off 20 or so years of substance abuse... he was doing drugs whilst he was still a growing boy... that's damn!
bill1234 said:
Here is a picture of him now:
Boxers shouldn't be built like that... he'll have poor stamina. With a build like that... he should either be a bodybuilder or a wrestler (as in the fake stuff). I'm not jealous of that build... he took loads and loads of steroids to get built like that! HA! :cheeky4:
Man... he looks so different from that bulky babyfaced Tommy "The Machine" Gunn of The Rocky V Days!!!
I don't think he'll win a World Championship... he'll lose to some second rate fringe contender bozo by KO or something like that and might retire!:cool:
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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