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Tommy Morrison's return official

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According to aol sports, and a few other sites I found today, Morrison is set to fight tonight in Chester West Virginia. From what I can tell he isn't rushing into things. He's fighting the 4-2 John Castle in a 4 round bout. I used to watch Tommy when I was a kid and would like to see how he does tonight. I'm wondering if anyone knows if these fights will be televised anywhere. Also, even though his blood tests are coming back clean right now does anyone think that any fighters of importance would be willing to chance a fight w/ him if he is succesful w/ the comeback? Here's the link if you're interested.
News- Former Champ Morrison Mounts Comeback - AOL Sports
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who is that supossed to be? Dammm thats some nose job they did on the man he should sue the surgeon,I be scare to get in the ring with that,not because of what he can do but how he looks ,and that buildt dont mean nothing but droids,he'll get taken out soon:thumbsdown:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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