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Who are some good trainers.. and who did they train?

Just curious.. I wanna know who you guys think are the best trainers out there
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id say the best trainer today without doubt is freddie roach, he trains pacman has trained wayne mccullouch and steve collins. the 2 mayweather brothers are good to roger and floyd snr. buddy mcgirt is also a good trainer he masterminded tarvers wins over roy jones, and there's obviously manny stewerd who works with the likes of wlad klit and jermain taylor. hattons trainer billy graham is also a good up and coming trainer he has nicky cook and jamie moore in his camp to and enzo calzaghe has two world champs in his son joe and wbo cruiserweight champ enzo maccrannelli, he also works witth garry lockett a big punching prospect.
yea that was exactly what i was thinking.. freddie roach!
All time would have to be Angelo Dundee or Eddie Futch though. Dundee's most famous are Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. Futch's most famous are Joe Frazier, Larry Holmes, and Michael Spinks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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