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Hey all, i have been looking for a post on any recomended books on boxing, training, fitness or nutrition but couldnt seem to find any. (if there is one or this the wrong place tell me and ill delete/move)
so i thought id start; Boxing Fitness: A Guide to Get Fighting Fit, by ian oliver is fantastic for beginers covers everything in basic but comprehensive detail and recomends further reading for all aspects. i also have Boxer's Start-up: Beginner's Guide to Boxing (Start-up Sports) by doug werner and Fighting Fit: Boxing Workouts, Techniques and Sparring also by doug werner. these are not so good not bad but i feel boxing fitness covers things better, and apparently the lonsdale boxing manual is the bible of how to strike and move but i havent read this yet.
has anyone looked at the lonsdale boxing manual? and Has anyone read/looked at
High-powered Plyometrics - Radcliffe, J.C? this book?
Cheers dan
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