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My Stats are as follows

Im from the states here studying in Africa for awhile
Ive brought my wraps and my lightgloves with me but dont really have a routine and need someone to run me through the basics.

There is a gym here where I go to workout and I was messing around with boxing before left to study abroad.

All I really need is someone to give me a rundown on the punches I should be mixing up in my shadowboxing and on the heavybag we have at the gym.

I train three days a week and am moving more towards boxing.
Im determined and fit but seeing as how boxing is a science Im interested in some direction from someone who can give me a idea on what I should be doing.

Im working on benching my own weight thats about it for heavylifting because I have been told that its not particularly good for boxers.

Spefically what type of punches should I be hitting with on the bag
Thank you


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