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hey im starting boxing in november and i want to figth at leight heavyweight or crusierweight or what ever u call it, max91kgs. i weigh 92kgs now with 10% body fat. i was going to be a body builder but now i want to give boxing a go. what kind of reps and sets and how many days at the gym should i train? i dont do much running at the moment :D i only run when i start to get a bit fat. i will be boxing monday, wednesday and fridays :eek: im 19 and 6 foot as well :D at the moment i train wednesday , thursday, saturday and sunday at them gym using weights. cheers from dylan :thumbsup:
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Don't use to much weights. You should be flexible. Work the heavybag, mits, shadowbox, speedbag, jumprope, bike, and situps.
Do LOTS of runnning. Running will significantly increase your indurance and stamina in the ring.
If you want to continue lifting, its okay. But I would shy away from the heavy lifting, and focus more on the plyometric and explosiveness minded lifting regimen. Use low weights in fast explosive movements. For example. Instead of squatting 200+, try doing jumping squats with just the bar, or bar + 20 pounds. Do about 15 reps on your sets. You can also do your bench in the same manner. Quick explosive movement. Make sure to stretch often, flexibility is key.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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