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Dosage of tramadol varies from one to another!


One dosage doesn’t fix to all; the dosage is designated to sufferers after analyzing the several factors. The factors including previous medical history, current ongoing treatment, and health status. Therefore, you must take the medical assistance from healthcare to know about your adequate dosage and be persist unless the doctor recommends making further changes.

The dosage is different for children, men, women, and adults. In case if you are under any liver and kidney disease so you may be assigned for other treatments or tramadol with several precautions.

Hence, the dose might be adjusted as per the necessity with a maximum daily dosage. Kindly follow the doctor's instructions during treatment, and if you encounter any difficulty during treatment so report to the doctor.

Tramadol exists with two significant variants are immediate and extended-release formulation. The doctor does not approve the extended-release variant used by people with severe liver and kidney impairment.
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