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Trinidad vs Spinks

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Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Tito Trinidad fan (hence my username on our forum the Dogpound, TITO4EVER), but Trinidad needs to either stay retired, or stay active. Felix Trinidad turned 34 on January 10, and rumors are circulating he's on the verge of another comeback. After his crushing and dominating loss to Bernard Hopkins in September of 2001 where Tito lost his first professional fight and was viciously knocked out by a Bernard Hopkins counter right hand, Trinidad first eyed retirement. He had one fight against journey-man Hacine Cherifi whom he knocked out in four rounds, then stepped aside from the ring.

He stayed away for 2 years before announcing his comeback. It would be at Middleweight, and against a dangerous opponent. He picked former Welterweight world champion and unpredictable Ricardo Mayorga. El Matador was being himself. He was trash talking and hyping his biggest fight. On the night of October 2, 2004, Felix Trinidad made the long awaited walk to the ring in front of a packed crowd of his fellow countrymen in Madison Square Garden. Trinidad looked like he hadn't even retired, boxing great throughout the fight. Mayorga made it tough for him and scored a questionable knockdown which was a matter of Trinidad simply being off balance. It didn't affect Tito at all as he stormed back to close out the 5th round unloading a violent flurry on El Matador opening up a cut under his left eye.

Trinidad went on to be the first to drop Mayorga in the 8th round. He then successfully knocked him out. Trinidad enjoyed the celebration and glamour of his comeback but it would not last long. He signed to fight dominant Jr. Middleweight champion Winky Wright. In May 2005 when they met, a different Tito showed up. Tito was outboxed over the course of twelve rounds and lost a virtual shutout decision, landing only 58 punches in the process. He retired once again and hasn't been back since.

Lately, there are rumors of another comeback, against IBF Light Middleweight Champion, Cory Spinks. Spinks, who is on somewhat of a comeback himself, would have to move up to 160 for a fight with Trinidad. He was invited to Spinks' title defense of Rodney Jones, which Spinks won.

If Trinidad is determined on coming back, it better be soon because Father Time is catching up at 34. He's still got gas in the tank and he better get to work. I'd personally love to see Tito fight again, but I don't recommend it due to the fact there isn't much left to accomplish except a rematch with Oscar De La Hoya, which is unlikely. If he wants to comeback, he needs to be smart about it, fighting tuneups first then get into some big fights.

Hopefully, if the rumors are true, and Tito comesback, he does it right. I want to see the Tito of 2001 who was knocking people senseless. I hope to see that again, and I know all of his fans would too.
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titos a class act and could still hang with the best out there, just not winky. winky has his number and his style is all wrong for tito.

id still like to see tito and mosley fight god knows how these 2 were never matched together. obviously with mosley staying at 147 now the fight is unlickely to happen this year because tito has no chance of making 147lbs.

spinks would be ko'd if he ever fought tito. he's simply not in his class the same goes for jones. tito shouldn't be at 160 though he should go back down to 154 grab a belt and make a big money fight from there.
you really took the words right out of my mouth. I agree with you 100 %
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