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Tyson documentary COMING SOON

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Mike Tyson Documentary is Coming Soon

The Daily Telegraph reports that former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will be the subject of a no-holds-barred documentary that focuses on his career, wild style and times.

The film will be called "Tyson," and directed by James Toback, who has known the former champ since 1985. Tyson is supporting the project and has submitted more than 30-hours of interviews to Toback.

Toback said the documentary is due to come out later in the year. It will present an honest account of Tyson's life and would not sugarcoat his more famous incidents, like his rape conviction or biting off Evander Holyfield's ear.

“The point is not to polish his image or make a cinematic apology, but rather to get a first-hand look at a very complex and epic story,” Toback said. “He was honest about all the things that have highlighted his life, from the bitter divorce, the ear-biting, prison, to his becoming a sex addict. He is self-aware, smart and a totally fractured personality, and he made himself completely vulnerable.”
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sounds interesting, i'll be watching anyway.
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