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Tyson got arrested for possesion of cocaine.

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About 1:38 am on Friday December 29th in Las Vegas, Mike Tyson was pulled over for almost hitting a police van and under suspicion of DUI (driving under the influence) and was pulled over. When the cop saw Tyson pushing cocaine under his seat he arrested him. Tyson was on his way back from a night club and was obviously drinking and bought some cocaine. I my self feel sorry for his kids because they have one screwed up dad.
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go easy on the guy he was out partying, a lil bit over the limit and a small bit of charlie thats hardly crime of the centuary.
mikes done a lot of prison time in his life but it doesn't seem to bother him. :(
administrator said:
i was going to say, maybe Mike knows that prison is the best place for him :dunno:

Either way, he was an inspiration for many up and coming boxers. It's a shame to see anyone continually ending up like this.
like youself i prefer to remember mike the fighter when he was brushing aside all commers in the late 80's early 90's.

personaly i can see mike meeting a sad end in the not to distant future unless he sorts his head out.
White Tyson said:
I hope Mike Tyson lives a full life... I really do... PLEASE GOD!:(
im going to make a point of going to the HOF when mike is inducted.
bill1234 said:
I was just 3 months before he was arrested, I was watching an interview with him. He kept saying on how he used to be a terrible fighter, and sometimes even forgot he had kids when he got home and used to yell at the to get out because he thought they broke in and were some neighburs kids, then they had to remind him they were his kids. In the interview he was saying on how that has changed and now he is a changed man and no more partying, drinking, drugs, or hookers. Well, then 3 months later, I wake up, get on the internet and see that. LOL, he will never learn.
sad but true bill.

and to answer your question, tyson will probably be in jail come 2010 when he's to be inducted.
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