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Tyson in Ibragimov's Corner?

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By Mark Vester

According to several Russian media outlets, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is said to be working the corner of unbeaten Sultan Ibragimov, when he challenges WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs on June 2 at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Tyson, who is scheduled to go on trial for drug charges on August 20, was recently given permission by a judge to travel outside of his home state of Arizona.

There was no indication by any of the Russian sources as to where the information came from, and may end up being nothing more than pre-fight hype for the pay-per-view. It would be an interesting twist if it happens since Tyson and Briggs are from the same neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Comments? Thoughts?
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i know for a fact that tysons ibragimovs hero, could be, id be surprised to see mike in anyones corner though.
PrettyBoyFloyd said:
I would too. It just seems like to me that if this was going to happen Mike would have been at least somewhat involved in the Ibragimov camp. He wouldn't just pop in out of nowhere. But then again we didn't expect him start eating people either.
true, he's not been at training camp anyway, that would defo have been reported. i just dont see what positives mike could bring to anyones corner. say a fighters getting beat up and asks mike for he gonna say? just break the guys arm or feast on his lug. LMAO
PrettyBoyFloyd said:
Man that was funnier. Imagine it in Tyson's voice though. "Tell him you want to eat his children."
id rather have the drill sergant from full metal jacket in my corner. :laugh:
PrettyBoyFloyd said:
"How tall are you private?" "Uhmmm 6 foot sir." "Really? I didn't know that stacked sh*t that high!"

private pile get the **** off my obstackle or i'll gouge out your eye balls and skull **** you. :laugh:
PrettyBoyFloyd said:
HAHAHA. One of my all time favorite movies.
i watched it again last week, its on t.v every other night just now.

pure class!!!
from fightnews.

Mike Tyson will not be working in Sultan Ibragimov's corner on Saturday. Iron Mike's request to leave the state of Arizona to help Sulatn in Atlantic City was denied by authorities. Tyson is not allowed to leave Arizona and California without permission due to a pending trial.
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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