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UFC v boxing who wins?

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Hi guys.
This joker thinks UFC will take over from boxing. Has he got a point. Frankly, I think boxing will always be the superior sport because of the tradition, artistry and skill level.

Does UFC have boxing's number?

Ultimate Fighting Championship claims that it has surpassed boxing — and the staged outcomes of World Wrestling Entertainment, for that matter — as the most popular fight sport in the US.

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its just a trend, kind of like kick boxing was awhiel ago. No other combat sport will overcome the techinicality of boxing. And please no more of these type threads, there is at least 1 ufc vs boxing a week now. There no need to post, just have your own oppinion and we will all have ours.
i dont know man, I think its for real and will be around because when you pay for the fights you get fights, and you get excitement, you get what yo pay for. and well the boxing fans need more so they go to there alternative and thats UFC. Its just a quick fix right now. Kind of like chocolate for woman (and i'm not making a joke as bad as that sounds)... it fixes that craving... but i think with the way its going and the fights that are always being made... it will supersede boxing... that dosnt mean its better.... money wise i think it will run right past and just keep going... you get what you pay for when you watch UFC/MMA and its cheaper... PLUS you get UFC events and shows like 2 or 3 times a week on standard cable... makes it easy for people to get involved and watch..

am i making sense or do i just sound like a UFC lover or something... because like i said I LOVE and respect both and i try to be neutral... only thing im skeptic about is UFC and boxing fighting each other because like i have said IMO MMA guys have the advantage...

but Dana White (UFC President) said something interesting, dont quote me because its not exact, but Dana said a few years ago boxing wouldn't even mention UFC or look in our direction, but now they tend to challenge us and make fun of us (UFC). To me (Dana), that just tells you that were moving on up and that there getting nervous...

Dana White dose have a point....

but yes this is a boxing forum and not UFC so im finished with this subject.. and my bad if i pissed any boxing fans off by talking UFC/MMA because i know some people just hate it and cant stand it.. and well i respect that.... thats why there is an MMA forum and a boxing forum and this my friends is boxing so i'm finished on the UFC/MMA subject.
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Well the ppv buyrates (if u take out the DLH vs floyd fight, and remember that was 1 fight!) says that UFC is bigger than boxing :S
take liddel vs jakcon for instance, if i had paid 40 dollars for that crap that lasted 1 round because of a weak right hook jackson threw and it knocked liddel on the ground, and then they stopped it, i would of been pissed. I would only watch that crap if they fought till the death. That early stoppage crap is stupid. if its going to be a streetfighting sport, let it be a streetfight.
In Britian i doubt very much UFC will take over Boxing. Boxing is on Sky Sports and ITV the 2 main stations basically whereas UFC gets little coverage.

And the boxing fighters going to UFC and vice versa to me isnt worth talking about. If a boxer goes to fight a UFC guy at MMA hes likely to lose, and if a UFC guy fights a boxer at boxing hes likely to lose.
liddel wants to fight morrison? chucks chin is sh1t, he couldn't take lil rampages pillow punch. :D
As an official UFC/MMA nuthugger I to am tired of the boxing vs UFC debate

2 different sports, with different rules and skill sets with some overlap.

However here is one difference between the UFC and boxing that is interresting.

The Liddel and Rampage fight was over quick and kind of disapointing (although I am a Rampage fan so I am happy)

However the undercard was exciting with a lot of good fights.

When is the last time boxing had a loaded undercard?

Again that goes to the promoters and has nothing to do with the sport but it is a big part of why the UFC is growing so quickly and one of Boxing's issues.
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yeah im getting sick of it too, no mainstream boxer will ever transfer and no mainstream ufc fighter will transfer either. But god, what if that was tommy morrison's left hook hitting liddel. The dude would of flew out of the octagon. Just kind of funny to me.
tysonjones said:
yeah im getting sick of it too, no mainstream boxer will ever transfer and no mainstream ufc fighter will transfer either. But god, what if that was tommy morrison's left hook hitting liddel. The dude would of flew out of the octagon. Just kind of funny to me.
I agree especially with 4 ounce gloves, the point of MMA is to match up strength vs weakness anyone (and I think Chuck prior to this loss would have done this) who would go into an MMA fight and try and out box a boxer would get deservedly destroyed.
Kill this thread. Liddel vs. Jackson was by far the worst PPV I have ever seen in boxing or UFC. I hated every single fight. And Din Thomas or whatever his noname is can kiss my ass for calling out Floyd. Ummm....Hello. You are a nobody and Floyd is...well...Floyd.
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