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UK on critical alert.

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after 2 asian males rammed a car full of explosives into glasgow airport at around 3pm today the united kingdom is now on a critical terror alert. there were also 2 cars discovered in busy areas of london jam packed with explosives yesterday.

when the car impacted into the terminal at glasgow airport it shot into flames, one of the asian guys then jumped out throwing molitov cocktails in the direction of the flames then he poured petrol over himself and shot into flames.

both guys were aprtehended though and one was taking to hospital and the other was taken to jail, nobody else was hurt in the attack.
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I Wish you Guys the best of luck and may God be with you all.
Good luck with everything.
anything they had planned in fu*ked now, they have no chance of getting near any airports or anything important when were on critical alert.
The best type of terrorist we could have hoped for was incompetent ones and these jokers certainly made a right botch job.

I hope they send them to the tower.
The only persons they physically hurt were themselves.
Update anyone? We don't get very much coverage on the issue over here.
They drove a burning car into the airport, some guy walked out of the car on fire shouting "allah! allah!" they put the fire out and arrested him anyway. Id have thrown petrol on the bastard. Anyways, 5 people have been arrested across England in relation to this... and theres severe evidence it was the work of Al-Queda, but they wont claim it as it was such a lousy failure..
Oh rap. Now we (the U.S. of A.) willl probably go and take over some other country, or attack some other terrorist group. I mean come on now, what are we still doing in Iraq? Osahma Bin Ladin had it comming IMO with 9/11 and all, but Iraq, IMO we should leave now. Goodluck Tommy and lets all hope it doesn't turn into some other war.
I will not get into the politics of things, because I will argue for the rest of the day.
THis is not a problem that is not going to go away so everyone needs to be on alert and be safe.
Yeh.. were still on critical alert, which means that intelligence reports suggest that an attack is imminent still. There has been around 11-12 people arrested now, one in Australia. Funny that the guys that did it, were actually doctors.. its quite amazing how guys in this profression are of the highest intelligence yet there mind can be manipulated to go to such extreme measures.. you really dont know who to trust these days..
I say they are a bunch of retards.
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