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Guys if you want download the fights off youtube and put them on other sites break, metacafe, hulu etc (not even sure if you can on hulu). I would hate for one day youtube to block these and all this work I am doing would be for nothing. Let's preserve some of the rich history of boxing for generations to come.

Like most of you here I have absolutely no time for this and am only doing it to share with the community of hard core boxing fans and to introduce those who are casual into the inner circle. Also, this is the new generation of fighter data available at a buttons push. Many younger fighters look for opponents and people they would like to learn from through these sites. A few years back you would only have access through people dubbing tapes with online catalogs hell when I first started collecting I would have to look through the back pages of boxing digest to find 2 or 3 guys who would have to make a custom dub for me. It would takes weeks to get my tapes at 20-50 a pop.

Downloading from youtube is simple just replace the word youtube at the beginning of the URL address WHILE THE VIDEO IS PLAYING with the word voobys. You will be prompted to download.
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