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i guess this fight wasnt against hill. Sorry!!

Vassiliy Jirov Back in The Cruiserweight Mix Recommend this page Printable version

NEW TOWN, North Dakota – Returning to his trademark aggressive, body attack style, Vassiliy Jirov (37-3-1, 30 KOs) positioned himself in the cruiserweight division with a second-round TKO win against veteran Kenny “The Raven” Craven last night (Saturday, July 14) at 4 Bears Casino and Lodge in New Town, North Dakota.

Former IBF cruiserweight champion Jirov hopes that his impressive victory will move him up in the ratings and in the mix for a world title shot, possibly against WBA title-holder Virgil “Quicksilver” Hill, in the not too distant future. “I’m back,” Jirov proclaimed after the fight. “People were starting to forget about me. I’m looking forward to fighting any of the champions and becoming a world champion again. Fighting Hill definitely is a possibility; I want to fight him.”

Jirov won the opening round and broke down Craven in the second, dropping “The Raven” with a vicious left hook to the body for an eight count. A barrage of Jirov’s body shots to an already sore Craven, who was trying to survive on the ropes, led referee Ed Obregon to give Kenny a standing eight count. Craven, however, never made it off of the ropes as Jirov continued his assault until Obregon stopped the action at 2:18 of the second round.

“I had gotten away from my body punching and wanted to get back to it,” Jirov added. “This was my first fight after a long layoff and I didn’t throw all of my punches right. You can spar but you really need fights to be one of the big guys again in the cruiserweight division. In the next month or two I want to get right back in the ring. I came back with a good performance tonight as a cruiserweight.”
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