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Vernon Forrest VS Carlos Baldomir

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Vernon Forrest 38-2-0 VS Carlos Baldomir 43-10-6

WBC Light Middleweight Title Eliminator

2007-05-19 Fed-Ex Forum, Memphis, TN, USA

guess its the same card as taylor
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2007-05-19 Fed-Ex Forum, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Commission: Tennessee Boxing & Racing Commission
Verified: No
Promoter: DiBella Entertainment

Middleweight Jermain Taylor V Cory Spinks NC ? 12
~ WBC Middleweight Title ~
~ WBO Middleweight Title ~

Middleweight Edison Miranda V Kelly Pavlik NC ? 12
WBC Middleweight Title Eliminator

Light Middleweight Vernon Forrest V Carlos Manuel Baldomir NC ? 12
WBC Light Middleweight Title Eliminator

Middleweight Ronald Hearns V ? NC ?
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this is the card.....

how about tommy hearns JR?????? 13-0 11kayo's
Nobody care?????
just found the thread posterboy and its a descent card, i see forrest having little trouble dealing with baldi. but i thought the same about mayorga.

id like to see hearns pick up his level of opponent but he's big at the weight.
that is a bad match up for Vernon If I was making the fight I would have taken a shot at Stinks he is the easiest named guy at #147 or 154 soft punching no power and lacks heart. Oh wait he is next on Taylor dance card I wonder why?
It's a tough one to predict, Forrest got a gift decision in his last bout againts Quartey

I'll say Forrest by razor thin decision, judges seem to like Vernon
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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