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Vic Patrick Dies

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Very interesting read on a fighter who recently passed.

Vic Patrick Passes

August 14, 2006

By Ray Wheatley -- World of Boxing

Australian boxing legend Vic Patrick passed away on Friday at his Sydney home. The former world rated lightweight was born Victor Lucca on June 2, 1920. He stood 5'7, boxed from the southpaw stance and was trained by Ern McQuillan. He made his professional debut in 1940 and scored his best wins over former world junior lightweight champion Tod Morgan in 1941, Ron McLaughlin, Tommy Johns and Tommy Burns.

He lost to Freddie Dawson, Les Sloane and Bos Murphy. Patrick developed knockout power after working on his father's oyster lease as a young teenager. After retiring from the ring, Patirck became the house referee at Sydney Stadium and later was the third man in the ring in two world title bouts. He became a successful businessman owning several hotels in Sydney.

In 55 fights he scored 43 knockouts and lost 4.

In 1941 Patrick scored a fifteen round decision over Tod Morgan to capture the Australian lightweight title at Sydney. Morgan was former (1927) world junior lightweight champion. In a 1941 rematch, Patrick scored a fifteen round decision over Morgan and in 1942 Patrick scored a six round knockout over Ron McLaughlin to win Australian welterweight title at Sydney. 1942 saw Patrick scoring a second round knockout over Tommy Johns in an Australian lightweight title bout at Sydney. That same year Patrick scored a six round knockout over Billy de Belin. The following year Patrick lost in a upset to to Les Sloane in nine rounds at Sydney. (Patrick suffered injury to his arm) but in 1943 rematch Patrick scored a third round knockout over Sloane. A classic 1946 bout had Patrick giving away a lot of poundage but winning a ninth round knockout over Tommy Burns in an Australian welterweight title bout. Patrick scored a six round knockout over Eddie Miller in an Australian lightweight title bout at Melbourne in 1946. Giving away too much weight to a middleweight in 1946 Patrick lost disputed twelve round decision to Bos Murphy at Wellington, New Zealand. In 1947, Patrick was stopped in twelve rounds by highly world rated American lightweight Freddie Dawson but he came back in 1948 and boxed a fifteen round draw against Mickey Tollis at Melbourne.

His best mate Ted Little said," Vic was not only a great fighter but also a great man." One of Australia's most popular sportsmen ever, Vic Patrick will be sadly missed by his family, the boxing fraternity and all who knew him. He will be buried at Rookwood Cemetary, Sydney at 10.30am on Wednesday.
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