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Frank Warren

"IT now seems almost certain Joe Calzaghe will fight Mikkel Kessler on November 3 in Cardiff — and the fight will smash all British box office records.

I’ve just got a few loose ends to tie up — including some with Joe — but all the major obstacles have now been overcome.

Most importantly of all, I’ve agreed terms with Kessler’s team, who are happy to come to the UK.

The fight will probably be held at the Millennium Stadium, where we got a crowd of 35,000 for Calzaghe’s WBO super-middleweight title defence in April against Peter Manfredo Jr.

With Kessler bringing his WBA and WBC titles to the party, I expect at least 60,000 to be in attendance. As a result, both fighters will be getting career-high purses.

For me, it’s the biggest fight in the world at the moment bar none, a showdown all the public want to see. That’s why I’ve battled hard to get it on, shifting the date back six weeks from September 22 after there was a problem with US TV.

It can’t go on without US money, but I’m now in a position where I can deliver.

Calzaghe has been a world champion for the last 10 years, is unbeaten in 43 fights and one of the pound-for-pound best fighters around.

There’s only one man who can challenge his status as the best super-middleweight on the planet — and that man is Kessler.

Like Calzaghe, the Dane is also undefeated and will start the fight many people’s favourite following a series of comprehensive victories. At 28, he is younger by seven years.

But although Joe is coming towards the end of his career, I fully expect him to do the business.

The fight isn’t dissimilar to Joe’s March 2006 clash with IBF champion Jeff Lacy, before which the big-punching American was hailed as the future of the sport.

Lacy hardly landed a punch in what was a Calzaghe masterclass.

He’ll need to be at his best against Kessler but he’s so good I’d back him time and time again.

Over the years the likes of Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones Jr and Sven Ottke have turned down fights against Calzaghe, denying him the opportunity to prove he’s the best.

When he beats Kessler, no one will be able to question how good he is."
Source: BoxingBanter
Good to see this is finally going to happen and in my hometown.:)

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Calzaghe is as much to blame for not making those big fights to be fair, it was a case of none of those guys were willing to come to Britian, and Calzaghe wasnt willing to go to their places either.

He should beat Kessler, hes keeping in shape anyways hes sparring with Macarilleni to help him with his upcoming fight with Braithwaite!

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Warren accuses Millennium Stadium of "greed" in negotiations

Joe Calzaghe's proposed unification bout with Mikkel Kessler is likely to take place on 1 November in Britain. But the venue is in doubt as Calzaghe's promoter, Frank Warren, has accused the Millennium Stadium of "greed" in negotiations to stage the fight there.

"I'm quite angry, I wasn't too pleased at how negotiations are going," Warren told BBC Radio Wales' Sportstime.

Welsh Rugby Union group chief executive Roger Lewis has denied this, saying any deal should mirror the previous fight.

Welshman Calzaghe, 35, attracted a European indoor record crowd of 35,000 for his 20th defence of the WBO super middleweight title against Peter Manfredo Jr at the Millennium Stadium in April.

Manfredo Jr, famous for being the runner-up in the first US series of boxing reality TV show 'The Contender', was beaten inside three rounds.

But 28-year-old Dane Kessler, like Calzaghe unbeaten in his professional career, holds the WBA and WBC versions of the super middleweight title and is a truly dangerous opponent.

"This is a much, much bigger fight, you've got two guys who hold three versions of the world super middleweight belt," Warren said. "Kessler has agreed to come over here, so we're looking to promote the fight in the UK."

"At the moment we're negotiating with the Millennium Stadium, but they're asking for a bit more money than we want to pay. I hope they're not going to be difficult and cause the fight to go somewhere else."

"Of course we don't expect the Millennium to do it for nothing, but they make a lot of money from the concessions, the bar and so forth. What they want is like asking a pop band playing there for a percentage of their record sales."

"It's greed, that's what it is. It's not a cheap venue to hire, it's very expensive - it comes to hundreds of thousands of pounds to put these events on."

However, Lewis says that Warren is seeking to pay a sum for the use of Wales' national stadium that is less than the total paid for the Manfredo fight.

"The starting point must be the deal that we had last time, not less. We can't go below that - it's a fair deal for the fans, it's a fair deal for Wales," Lewis told the BBC.

"The Manfredo fight was a great evening, a momentous event, not only for the stadium and for Wales, but also for the global sport of boxing."

Warren says he would prefer to stage the fight in Wales in front of Newbridge man Calzaghe's home crowd.

But the promoter says he is prepared to take the fight elsewhere, although he does admit he needs an enclosed venue because of likely weather conditions in November.

"Joe is Wales' national sporting hero and this is a fight that should be in Wales," Warren added. "We could still go to Denmark or we could put it on in London, but that's not what it's all about.

"They (Kessler and his promoter Mogens Palle) wanted the fight in Denmark, but they believed there was a huge amount of money from American TV.

"But that's not been the case as American TV has run out of money at the moment, but in some ways that's good for us as we can get the fight on over here."


Bloody Warren trying to pay less than last time- he's a joker!
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