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Raushee Warren may not be winning the gold medal in the olympics this year or in another four years. But his story will be the most remembered of the 2008olympics. Much like Roy Jones Jr against Park in Korea. On that point, Isn't it funny that jones loses to a korean and so does warren. Both american fighters which are the "best" of their team. Sounds like destiny calling to me. Warren showed me today that he is the best boxer/athlete that I have seen in the 2008 olympics. He is reminecent of a young smaller jones jr/floyd mayweather. Shane says this guy will be future pound for pound. And you guys clown on him. You can clown on me too. Because im saying shanes assessment is right. This dude is the real deal as far as I can see.

This olympic scoring is going to change. It's been due for a chance. But this time the reason will be Warren vs Lee. The fight had so many errors, points for non landed punchers, points for punches landed in a clinch, points going to the wrong guy. When you talk about the 2008 olympics in america. You will bound to relive the astrocious scoring in the warren/lee fight.

Now i'm going to break down the fight second by second, play by play for those that havent seen it. Being able to type fast may come in handy.

Round 1
The fight starts with warren throwing a 6 punch combo and not getting a single point. He then lands 2 scoring blows. Lee has done nothing yet. Warren lands a left hand and lands 2 right hooks behind it, no points. Lee still doing nothing. Lee has not landed a punch in the first 50 seconds of the fight. In fact he's only thrown 2 as far as I can remember. At the 1.13 mark of the first round. Lee gets a point when warren is the one landing the shot. 2-1 now. Lee finally does land a clean shot that is deserving of a point. 2-2. Warren is still dominating the fight in every department. They both exchance and they both get points. Warren catches lee up against the ropes and gets a point. 4-3. Lee lands a shot in the center of a ring desrving of a point. 4-4. Right after that warren lands the cleanest shot so far. No point. Warrn then lands 2 clean body shots whiel in a clinch. No point of course because the rules say so. The first round ends with a tie of 4-4 but if you guys watched the same fight as me. Warren DOMINATED that round.

Round 2
Warren lands a left hand against the ropes at 1 42 mark that seems to hurt lee. No point. Lee ties up. Warren is pressing the action. Lee isn't doing anything but moving his arms around. Warren lands a short left hand and gets a point. Lee ties up again. Warren goes off throwing a 5 or 6 punch combo and gets a point and so does lee however I dont see a punch that landed from lee. 6-5 warren. Lee lands a shot while warren is moving against the ropes and gets a point. Questionable imo. 6-6. Lee falls to the ground. Warren is in the center of the ring and lands 2 monster clean clear left hands to the body. No points ( remember this ). Lee ties up again. 10 seconds left They both exchance shots, no points to either. Round over 6-6. Round was once again dominated by Warren.

Round 3
This is where things get fishy. They both start tradinb bombs in the 3rd and warren lands to my account 4 shots and lee lands 3. No points at all were given. Warren then lands another clean left hand to the body. No point ( this is a scoring blow!! ) Warren then lands a CLEAR counter left at the 1 21 mark and the point goes to LEE!! Teddy atlas and bob papa notices this. 6-7 lee. Warren then lands a punch that sends lee going back, no point. Warren lands another straight left to lee's chest, no point. Lee lands a punch, warren slips ( no punch even thrown by warren ) And Warren get's the point. 7-7. Atlas and papa both can't believe it. The round ends 7-7 and leaves me completely baffled. I once again thought warren won the round overall.

Round 4
Last round, warren comes out as the agresser again. Lee falls down again. Lee lands a body shot that isn't even that clear, then he ties up. He gets a point ( remember me saying something about this earlier? ). 8-7 lee. Warren then comes back with a body shot of his own after the clinch and a sweepying left hand, both land. No point. Lee continues to tie up. warren throws him off of him. Warren then lands 3 monster shots in a row. 2 to the body and 1 to the head. All hooks. You can even hear the thud from them. Only point is scored. 8-8. In the minst of all that. Lee picks up a point as well. And to his credit he did land 1 shot. But 3-1 and and scoring only showing 1 to 1. Rediculous. 9-8 Lee. One minute left. Lee ties up. They both keep tangling up for the next 30 seconds. Lee then ask for time. Warren goes to the corner and seems to look up and then looks back into the crowd at someone. They start again and warren starts moving around the ring like he has the fight one. 20 seconds go bye without a punch being thrown. 5 seconds left. warren looks at his corner and seems to realize whats goign on. Right as the clock reaches 0. Warren lands the cleanest right hook of the fight. No point. The fight ends 9-8 in favor of lee. I felt Warren once again won this round as well.

I described this fight to the T. No way Lee should of won this fight. No way.

So like I stressed earlier. Warren may not be winning a medal. But he will come out the most popular boxer at the 2008 olympics and his story will become one of the best and most tragic. However his fight may be just what the ameteur scoring system need.

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i also think warren will be a pro world champion some day, not sure he'l go as far as being p4p king but we'll see!

i dont think many people will argue with that, what people ar finding funny is that he was bigged up so much by shane before the fight and he lost! controversial or not it was quite funny!

as people have said before theres a world of difference between amateur and profesional boxers, harrison was meant to be great and he was a flop, khan was supposed to be a world champion before he was 21 but he has a hell of a lot of work to do on his defence

whilst boxers such as jones, mayweather, cotto etc who hasnt had the best of luck have turned out as superstars!!

havent watched very much of the boxing, because im not too keen on olympic boxing, but does any one else think there might be another potential superstar in Beijing? myself the only one i can see is billy joe! he has some sort of aurora about him i think hes one for the future aswell, hel be 22 by london 2012, but in all honestly id tell saunders and warren to turn pro now and fight bums for a while to gradualy slide into the professional game
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