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As a lifelong boxing amateur and fan, I realized that studying fight films can feel like a pretty time-consuming and pointless exercise. I know it sounds controversial but hear me out.

For example, you are watching Teofimo vs Loma and you just want to see how Teofimo was able to keep Loma at bay and not let him fight in that mid-range that he likes to fight at (perhaps you want to learn how to deal with an opponent with quick feet) . or you want to see how Canelo was able to deal with Callum Smith's jab (to learn how to deal with a taller man's Jab). You would have to watch the whole fight just to see a few moments that you would like. This could be easily resolved using a tool that divides fight film into individual parts offering more insights into the way fights are won, by cutting out non-crucial aspects you can save time and focus your attention on parts that actually matter to you.

My team and I have buried ourselves into this problem and worked hard for the past 6 months on building Roundscore which can help Boxers and trainers study fight films fast and efficiently, saving you valuable time to prepare properly for your next fight.

We are currently in the beta phase and looking for early users/customers to help us refine this tool. If this tool catches your interest, check out and register for early access beta. We would love your feedback.
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