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Web Cast

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Some friends of mine that are computer types and boxing fans are thinking about web casting our local bouts with comentary.These would be local pro club bouts and maybe a golden glove level amt. show.Wolud any of you be interested?Especially if the price was very nominal or free? I'll thank you ahead of time for your feedback, thanks the Auctioneer.
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I may be interested if free, I probably wouldnt pay unless I heard of the guys.

I would really like to see promoters do this with the UK & German fights that we cant see here. I would pay to watch those cards.
Remember this the club level so you probably won't know these guys. Yet most will have good records, usually 7,8,9, and10 and 0 records the fee would be around the $5 or less even free which would depend on sponsorship.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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