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Wed night fights, tonight

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Eliseo Castillo (20-1-1, 15KO's) vs. Johnathon Banks (11-0, 8KO's) in a 10 round cruiserweight bout, live from New York City's Hamerstein Ballroom. This fight will be for the WBA NABO Cruiserweight title.
Also on the card are the following:
Im not sure which of the other fights will be televised, but I would think the Tua/Gutierrez would be.

Joe Greene vs Damone Wright for the vacant WBC youth middleweight title
David Tua vs Edward Gutierrez in a 10 round heavyweight bout
Jorge Teron vs Armando Cordoba in a 6 round lightweight bout

Its being aired on the East coast at 9:00pm EST on ESPN2. Not sure which ESPN station it will be on throughout the rest of the country, but I would assume its the same. Should be a nice fight.
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Thanks for the lineup. I was thinking about going out but now I'm inclined to stay in and watch some fighting.
I am glad to see these guys move down to Cruiser. I also hear Chris Byrd is movin down. Jirov is also back at cruiser

The cruiserweight division is stacked right now. Very underated division. I wish the guys would fight a bit more. There are alot of possible matchups.

Here is a list of some of the top cruisers
O'Neil Bell 26-1-1
Guillermo Jones 33-3-2
Jean Marc Mormeck 32-3-0
Steve Cunningham 19-0-0
Krzysztof Wlodarczyk 36-1-0
Vassiliy Jirov 36-3-1
BJ Flores 16-0-1
Fabrice Tiozzo 48-2-0
Virgil Hill 50-5-0
Vadim Tokarev 22-0-1
Johnny Nelson 45-12-2
Matt Godfrey 12-0-0
Marco Huck 15-0-0
David Haye 17-1-0
Enzo Maccarinelli 24-1-0
Grigory Drozd 24-0-0
Eliseo Castillo 20-1-1
Andre Purlette 39-2-0
Dale Brown 35-5-1
Rico Hoye 19-1-0
Felix Cora Jr. 18-1-2
Wayne Braithwaite 21-2-0
Kenny Keene 51-3-0
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