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Slon said:
He has a very good record and his boxing skill is quite impressive.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Denis Boytsov

17 wins with 16 kos.

UD was against a

W 34 (26 ko's) L 4 D 1

So this guy is pretty good. You think he has a chance?
he still looks green and id like to see him pick up his class of opponent, he's still fighting journeymen but i will say he looks to be a good prospect and he definatly has time on his side. :thumbsup:

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sliznut said:
His record is very impressive. Like his win against Jerome Guennou whose record is 0-4-2. Or his win against Ladislav Slezak whose record is 1-18-1.
A lot of good boxers start out against losers. Do you want him to fight against Valuev his first fight? Look at his recent fights.

TKO against

W 14 (11 ko's) L 2

Most recent:

KO against W 11 (5 ko's) L 8

So at least that is an experienced fighter. Plus that last KO was in the first round. He has all of the attributes of a good fighter except for skill, which can (and probably will) be corrected by a good trainer.
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