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What does every one do for a living?

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Just wondering what every one does for a living?
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I work at a vinyl fence manufacturer as a supervisor good money but it's
hot shitty work.
I'm a golf pro. ON the side I teach English as a second language to Cambodian plumbers.

you have to post a pic of the campus you landscape. :laugh:
Medical Biller.
What college you go to Shane?
network admin
Studying English Language/Literature in College.
At the munite I'm doing bathroom refurbishments. All I do is tile while my cousin does the plumbing and electrical work so it's all good.
I worked for SM&P, underground locating company. Its a good job
Field Salesman/account manager
i'm a project/contracts manager in construction.
Computer analyst/programer.
I am a mgr at wal mart for the overnight crew.
What college you go to Shane?
Texas State University
Schoolboy :laugh: I hate it, but at least it's Friday :laugh:
Student waster doin politics undergrad, work nights in a bank.
Pre-med, CSU. You from San Marcus SugarShane?
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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