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what size gloves do YOU use for sparring and training?

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so i've picked up yet another pair of boxing gloves. it's official, i have more gloves than i do hands. in fact there are more boxing gloves at my house than there are pairs of hands to put in them.

Anyway, as it sits right now i'm using ringside imf 16oz gloves. the hook and loop edition. they have no ventilation so i cut the cuff off and that freed up a big gap to allow air in. needless to say i ordered some of the everlast professional training gloves that lace since they are like 50% off at title and ringside. got the 16oz ones.

on my next check i'm going to get some 18oz ones for the extra weight.

so my question is, what size gloves do you guys use? i read a lot of reviews and stuff and find that people sometimes use professional fight gloves at 8 and 10 oz and amateur gloves at 10 and 12 oz for bag and pad work, then 16 or 18 oz for sparring.

i want to get a well rounded workout, so i have different size gloves.

what do you guys use?
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For sparring I use 16oz Cleto Reyes hook and loop training gloves. Just breaking them in now but am happy with them so far.
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