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Can someone tell me where and which speedbag can I buy thats being used by professionals? I bought this everlast speedbag but it just doesnt bouce like professional like you see in the movies, and its not that i cant hit, i can do it nonstop for 20 min easy but the bag just doesnt bouce fast, those that are in the movies when guy hits it it bounces like 3 or 4 times befor guy hits it again and mine is like 2 times. Do i need to buy somekind of rubber speedbag instead of leather?

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In most cases, its not the speedbag, but the platform or mounting surface that isnt solid enough, or your not using a quality swivel. If your sure youve got a good swivel and a solid stationary wood mounting surface, then make sure your speedbag is filled with enough air.
I use Ringside products at my gym, but title and everlast's professional models are good also.

I recommend these:
Swivel- Mexican Style Swivel at
Speedbag- Speed Bag at

If you need a "quality" speedbag platform-

If you need a cheap one that wil get the job done-
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