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Have you ever wondered what is the story behind your favorite boxer ?? What got him into it ??? What did he do after retirement ??? There is so many stories, and they are all true. I have had the opportunity to dig up and research some of this information, so you the boxing fan might be informed.

George Forman:

After his loss to Jimmy Young, we know that Forman started to pastor a church on the out-skirts of Houston, Texas. What we didn't know that Forman's Church
was to small to pay him, so he took the gig as Americas favorite Clown ..Ronald McDonald. Yes, he was Willard Scotts replacement, and for 10 years he played the beloved clown. He loved his job, and the greatest thing was that he had an unlimited supply of Cheeseburgers. He loved playing with the Kids, he loved eating the cheeseburgers as well. As time went, Forman grew around the waist and so did his appetite. Sadly, McDonalds started feeling the pinch of Forman's appetite, and his unlimited supply of cheeseburgers. Finally, McDonalds had to let the Big Guy go. Forman, was horribly distressed , and just wanted to cry. So, he started his training, and took to the ring, taking his McDonalds aggression out on his opponents in the ring, and regaining his heavy weight title.
Today, you see his lean mean grilling machine, though if he does go out for a cheeseburger, you will only see him at a WHAT-A-BURGER, because the pain is just too bad to go back to the Golden Arches

David Tua:

He wanted to be a Ballet Dance all his life. He went to all the best ballet schools, and one day got his chance...The Russian Ballet..called his number and gave him a chance to preform with them in front of a live audience. The Tuman was ecstatic. His joy was lifted to an even greater level when he found out his crush...Natalia Vajirov ..the greatest ballet dancer in all of Mother Russia, would be his partner in the performance. Well, just before the big show, he met an inspiring Salsa Dancer/Boxer who was on the Ricky Martian set named John Ruiz. Too his mistake he shook his hand (with both hands) and the grease on John Ruiz got onto him. Tua, tried and tried to get the grease off his hands, but nothing seemed to work, and it was so close to show time. Well, he took to the stage anyway, and when it came time for Natalia's big leap into Tua's hands, it ended in disaster. Natalia slid right threw the Tuaman's hands and went crashing into the floor. There was his Crush, his dreams, and all his hopes of becoming a ballet dancer lying bleeding on the floor. Needless to say, the Russians were not to friendly about the whole ordeal, since their star was going to be out for an indefinite amount of time, they quickly sent the Tuaman on his way. Well, the Tuaman beared grudge against John Ruiz and all of his Grease, and vowed to meet him in the ring, to avenge his dreams. They met one day, and you all know the story. He quickly disposed of the Greasy-One with in 19 seconds. Tua still boxes some today, and has some hopes of becoming a Heavy Weight champion, but his real dream is to be back on stage doing his first love ..Ballet Dancing with Natalia

Sonny Liston:

We all knew he as that brute who destroyed Floyd Patterson for the Heavy Weight Championship. We all knew about his dark-side, working for loan sharks as a leg breaker. He was about as friendly as a pit bull, and as likable as your mother-in-law. One day, he met a young singer, who talked about healing the world. He hung out with this young singer, who we all know as Micheal Jackson. Jackson influenced, this brute to do good. Sadly, people did not take to Liston new and improved good side. He was so sad, and he really wanted to help people and teach children how to be nice to one another. He got an idea, he would pull a Makaveli, and be reborn as someone else. He took the young Jacksons advise; bleached his skin, lost weight, and cut away half his nose. No one recognized him, and he was free to live out his new dream teaching children. He dawned the colored slacks, and put on a sweater, and rose to the top of childrens programing. He taught kids how to be nice, and how to have manners. He taught them all sort of things. Parents loved him, he became a national icon, with out anyone ever finding out his dark, dark past. For over 30 years we knew him as Sonny Liston, but for nearly 40 years, we all knew him as Fred Rogers.

I have interesting stories for you, but it is very late now. There is more to come, and just maybe you learn just a little bit more about your favorite boxer.

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