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Pro's earn money amateurs don't :p

Seriously though.

The rules are different.

In the amateurs a point is scored for every shot landed cleanly regardless of power added to a continuous total, if one boxer gets 20 points ahead of the other the fight is stopped.

In the pro's the 10 point must system is used. Rounds are scored 10-9, 10-8 etc depending on how close the round was, if a knockdown occured or if the ref deducted a point.
Each round is scored separately with the winner being the one with the most points assuming it goes the distance ;)

The ABA don't deduct points for knockdowns so they're less important hitting quick fast combinations are what's important also known as punches in bunches.

Also an amatuer fight will last at the most 4, 2 minute rounds, where as a pro fight will usually be 12, 3 minute rounds although in the past 15 round fights have occured.
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