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Alright guys, I wanna say its good to be back but I cant!

I just turned 18 yesterday, Ive always been a boxing fan and always boxed even tho I couldnt call myself a boxer since Im nowhere near you guys level skill wise.

I have a problem, ill tell you my past really fast so you know what I know and not. I started lifting weights when I was 13 and kept seriously with it till 15-16. I made incredible gains (175lbs WITH the 8pack) then I started boxing at around 15 going to PAL for about one year, learned the basics Id say. Then reality set in I had to start working so I stopped boxing at PAL, but I still trained here and there at home, and street boxed alot with people (which Ill tell you is a totally different experience)

Then a little before 17, I totally stopped boxing, and hadnt even lifted weights either for a looong time, I mean I was not taking care of my body.

Now im 18, 180lbs about 13-15 bf%, Still pretty solid. So heres the problem, I got back in the game about 3 weeks ago, running every other day, sparring all the time and hitting the bag....even lifting weights even tho it has nothing to do with it.

BUT!!! even tho ive been running for 3 freakin weeks, I can run past a mile!!! Same as i started beginning of the 3 weeks, no gains made! It driving me nuts! I dont give up, I go with it but man I got nothing left, Im dead by the end of the same distance every day!

What wrong with me, Im not getting better. and yes my diet is good, really good.

I dont even know why im asking this, i dont think anyone has an answer to this.

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8pack said:

What's wrong with me?

I'm not getting better, and yes my diet is good, really good.
In reading your post I get the impression that your trying to microwave yourself into now being physically fit.

Don't listen to all the B.S. out there today by people in the physical fitness industry trying to sell you stuff that will make you physically fit working out 20 minutes a day and stuff like that if you have been listening to such B.S. Because its a lie!

You need to put in some hard work to really be physically fit.

And you need to be diligent about training and working out to get yourself in shape, or forget about it.

For my part, I do not lift weights. Nor did I when I was boxing either. I have no advice to give you about lifting weights. I'm not an advocate of lifting weights to be physically fit. And most especially I'm not an advocate of lifting weights for boxers.

Basically, my way of training to be physically fit is much the same today as when I was boxing.

I workout daily for an hour doing hard calistenics, stretching and resistence (that does not involve lifting weights) exercises in the early evenings.

In the mornings I do my roadwork (running). Also I like to go for long walks in the evenings.

In being that I'm not boxing any more I don't often go to the gym to spar much any more. I have a gym in my home.

But I still like to shadow box and to skip rope, and to punch the speed bag, and heavy bag, and to do things such as that too.

But this I shared is bascially how I train just to stay in shape as an ex-fighter and former amateur boxer now at age 55.

If you trained in the ways I do,, you TRAIN, YOU DON'T STRAIN.

Your interest should be in training to receive the most benefit from training.

For example, I only perform an exercise until I begin to tire, NEVER to complete exhaution. And that's training, not straining. As a natural response, the number of times you can perform any particular exercise will increase WITHOUT STAINING before you will begin to tire over time as your body becomes more well-conditioned and more stronger.

Regardless of age, young or old, I see that as being the way to train and to workout to receive the most benefits from workouts.

The same would apply to doing your roadwork (running) too. Of course, that's an exercise too.

Often people who all of the sudden decide they want to get in shape that haven't been working out, or haven't in a long time tend to want to get there too fast. And as a result they will over train. That is, they may tend to over train for their present level of physical condition.

When they do that they burn themselves out, and break down their body down and istead of building and strength their body, they actually weaken their body instead of strengthening their body, and may well also suffer injuries as a result too.

It takes time, patience, diligence and some sacrifice to get in shape, and its only going to come with hard work.

I find that often when people get all stirred up about working out who haven't been working out to get in shape. They often will talk more about exercising than they are actually exercising.

Just do it! Don't talk about it! Do it! That's the way to get in shape, and you aren't going to get there without hard work.

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