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Whats your favorite punch?

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I have 2 the jab, and the left hook, the over hand right is pretty cool too.
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The Money Punch

The uppercut.......................
My favorite punch is the uppercut. My favorite combination to throw is the 1 2 jab with the left, and a right hook. Just feels so right.

Jab....jab....right cross.... then the left upper
Favorite Punch

Left hook after slipping a right.:D
the hatton body punches, ouch.
How about the Frazier body punches they were good too.
bill1234 said:
How about the Frazier body punches they were good too.
frazier was the perfect build to body punch, and how he could.
I completly agree, it didn't do him much good against Foreman... Frazier actualy went airborn with the one uppercut.
yeah as ali would say we witnesed the launch of a black satalite. i think foreman was just to strong for joe. and realy everyone else at that point.
Well he was. Frazier didn't have the strength to wear Foreman down early on, his only chance would be to go into the later rounds, and that just wasn't going to happen.
if george never lost that fight to ali he may have retired the best ever. he was that good, that loss played with georges head for years after it happened.
It sttill does a little bit, but he wouldn't retire undeafeated Larry would have came along and beat him.
yeah i have a lot of respect for what holmes done, and i dont realy think he gets the respect he deserves. that jab was masterfull. have you ever spoke to him about tyson or any other guys he,s been in with??
The Right Cross is my favorite punch then it would be the Uppercut.
He despises Tyson, when they fought Tyson refused to shake Larry's hand before the fight. He respects Ali, Frazier, and Cooney. He didn't get along with Norton. He's friends with Cooney now. But he doesn't talk about the other boxers, I got my info on his autobiography called Against the Odds it is very good, I recomend you get it.
i remember a holmes interview when he said he felt sad having to beat ali because he was old and he respected what he had done.
Yeah, Ali was Larry's hero and didn't want to hurt him, so he held back a little.
best punch

Hey guys, I'm new to the site and was checking out your comments for best punch. Like Kameleon, I gotta go with the right cross - powerhouse shot.
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