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Whats your work out routine?

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Whats your work out routine? This is mine.

(rounds are 3 min. long with 1 min. brake)

1. Shadow box for 5-6 rounds.
2. Ring work for 3 rounds.
3.*Spar for 2-3 rounds, depends*
3. Get gloves on and hit heavybag for 4 rounds.
4. Jog for 1 mile at speed setting at 6 (I know its not the fastest but I'm just trying to keep a sweat going)
5. Hit double end bag for 3 rounds.
6. Hit mits for 4-5 rounds.
7. Jump rope for 4 rounds.
8. Do 100 sit ups with a 12lb medicine ball on 45-50 degree slant board.
9. Hit speedbag for 3 rounds.
10. go home.
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Bump to revive a thread a year and a half years old.
Fighting Training Regimine
Muay Thai and Boxing

-Stretch for 15 minutes
-Power Over Push-ups, 10 sets of 250 sit ups
-2x5 min rounds of shadow boxing
-Heavy Bag (combo drills & punch out) for 25 minutes
-Double End Bag 3x5 minute rounds
-Dips, Pull Ups
-Pad Work 5x5 minute rounds
-Live Sparring (no headgear) 5x5 minute rounds fresh guy every round.

BJJ, Wrestling, Judo

-Stretch for 15 minutes
-Takedowns and throws and sprawls for 25 minutes
-Roll for 1 hour (no gi grappling and submissions)
-Takedown Defense Work 15 minutes
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Live sparring eh?? you must be under 150, 5 fresh rounds w/o headgear and I could make a guy forget how to say his own name :)

Madghost is on a distinguished road

my routine

-even days: 4:30 - 6:30 AM
25 jabs, 25 crosses, 25 jab/cross 25 r/l hooks - repeat 10 times fast
5 rounds skipping
500 misc. core movements, crunches, leg lifts, hyperextensions -.etc.
-even days: 5:30-8pm
sparring, full upper body workout including neck.

-Odd days: 5-7 am
25 jabs, 25 crosses, 25 jab/cross 25 r/l hooks - repeat 10 times fast
500 misc. core movements, crunches, leg lifts, hyperextensions -.etc.
5 rounds movement with bags or dummy or headache bag or partner w/pads
-odd days 5-7 pm
sparring , full leg workout

Every seventh day-off

I do even/odds instead of mon. tue. wed. in case I miss a session I don't have to re-think the pattern
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I'm not really hardcore or anything, just starting and getting into shape :)

cycle 35 minutes (with ~15lbs backpack!!)

cycle 35 minutes (with ~15lbs backpack!!)

EVENING (this together usually takes about 1h20min)
6 sets of 20 fast pushups (let drop down and explode up)
2 sets of 100 crunches
100 fast curls with 11lbs/hand
3 sets of 10 slow curls with 22lbs/hand
2 sets of 100 crunches
5 rounds on heavybag
2 rounds shadowboxing
2 sets of 100 calf raises
wallsit for about 2 minutes

It's a home workout because there isn't any boxing gym near me. So if you're gonna give me advice please don't tell me to go to the gym for sparring or anything like that.
I would appreciate advice very much tho, and I prefer exercises where I don't have to buy anything at all, my room is very much stuffed as it is. Still wan't some room to sit and sleep :)
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