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Where and how do you train?

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Do you train at home? In a gym and with or without friends? What equipment do you use and how do you use it?
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It all depends on where I am and how much money I have in my pocket. I train at a boxing gym near my college but now that I'm on summer vacation 4 hours away, I mostly cardio/endurance train at home. Now i'll be training at a regular gym for another two months before I hit the boxing gym again.
I train at Larry Holmes gym without friends.
I would pay to be a member of the Larry Holmes gym. Does he give personal tours ar advice to anybody?
He doesn't give tours, but he's given me advice before. He goes in there to have fun and work out. Probably the best part of it is the price, $15 dollars a month for children, $35 dollars a month for people over 16. You can go in there 5 days a week from 4:30-7 PM. The gym is in Easton PA, just in case you don't live around it. It's located on canal st.
I would love to go! The price is reasonable and you get to meet a legend of boxing. Easton, PA is that in the middle of the state or southern part?
It's about 100 miles North of Philadelphia, and about 80 miles below Scranton. Easton should be on a Pennsylavania state map. Once your in Easton try to find canal st. Its under the bridge with the big painting on it. It will be the first right turn under the bridge, after that you can't miss the gym.

Another important aspect of boxing is strength training. You need to lift weights and have the right program and I'll let my instructor conditioning trainer go over that with you. Hi, my name is Eric Castillo with EC Personal Fitness and the first exercise we're going to cover is a catch and toss. Am I in the floor? This is a two person exercise. This exercise is designed to strengthen your erectus abdominus and your obliques. First, lie on the floor, sit on the floor with your feet bent, or your legs uh, your legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Your partner ether stands in front of you or stands completely on your feet as we're going to demonstrate. Your partner should through the ball in the center of your chest catching the ball in this eccentric movement towards the ground and as you come up in the concentric movement you throw the ball toward your partner. Okay, there you go, that's it.
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Well strength training isn't always the best thing to do, if you do to much you will slow up and lose stamina.
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