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Who works for whom?

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Who works for whom?

Does the boxer work for the promoter?
Does the promoter work for the boxer?
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I think its a "you scratch my back i'll scrath yours" relationship.
i would hope the promoter works for the boxer.
because with out the boxers, NO promoters, but it really doesn't look that way.
would i allow some one to have total control over my life like this.
the boxer is under contract to the promoter, most of the time thew boxers are paid a lot of cash by the promoters to sign with them for a number of years or fights.
i know that
but why would you do that
look at what happend to David Tua.
he was taken out of boxing for 2 years in the middle of his prime, he will never get that time back.
thats a crime.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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