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Who's your favorite fighter of all time?

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N/e Decade.. It'Sz w/e...

For now.. I'ma say....

Ricardo Mayorga, Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather Jr....

and i'ma hit this up later with more names...:cool:
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welcome aboard mate, what language is that your talking in though. :laugh:

mines is muhammad ali.
A prime 'Sweet Pea' Whitker. Even BF at this stage couldnt have beat him.
yeah he would.........

Roy jones jr. and the baddest man on the planet, mike tyson.
TysonJones said:
yeah he would.........

Roy jones jr. and the baddest man on the planet, mike tyson.
BF beats Sweet Pea are you serious?
yes, on points.
Now I really cant see that happen.
prime sweatpea schools floyd.
TommyGunn said:
prime sweatpea schools floyd.
Yes Sir. I dont even think it would be to close. 8 rounds to 4.
Floyd would beat Whitaker. We've had this argument before about 3 months ago.

Roy Jones Jr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Muhammad Ali
nice list shane. floyd is definently on my top list as well, floyd would outslug whitaker and would be one of the few to be able to get past his defnese. whitaker couldnt hurt floyd, i believe floyd could hurt whiatker.
It would be close as hell though. I still can't understand what the guy who started this thread said. WTF?
I dunno, im not too interested in watching fighters from way in the past, i dont really see the point. Tyson onwards is about all i know from boxing, my top 5 would probably be:

1. Joe Calzaghe
2. Erik Morales
3. Chris Eubank
4. Felix Trinidad
5. Naseem Hamed
Nice list. Having seen all of Ali's fights and most of his interviews/pre and post fight comments I had to have him in my favorites list.
He was a character for sure, the kind the sport of boxing could do with in the HW division today. I havent seen enough of his actual fights to really like him though.
Sweetpea would def beat Floyd, i honestly think he would win a UD. And yeah my 2 favourites are Pernell Whittaker and Evander Holyfield.
Nice favorites Brutus.

I just bought Ali's career DVD set and watched his fights over about a month about 5 years ago, and that is how I became such a big fan. Can you imagine how much money he would make if he was fighting today? WOW.
ali is awesome, but enough about the floyd sweet pea debate, who gives a flying f*ck.
I dont but i would like to **** flying :D
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