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Why are tall and lanky boxers... AWESOME?

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Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns

6'1" tall and as a Weltweight he weighed 145lbs.

Any other doctor would say he'd be WAY underweight! He also wouldn't be very strong with bench presses, squats, deadlifts, dumb bells and so on!

So why is he so good?

I never knew tall and lanky people can be so fit, fast and all of that!

When I was young... many types of people got bullied! One type were those who were tall and lanky... would all of those tall and lanky fellows make good boxers or are the likes of Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns and Bernard Hopkins just... special? :cheeky4:
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Thomas "the hit man" Hearns had very long arms. He had a decent jab, but his main key was his power. He had a great right with decent hand speed.
hearns was a freak of nature, god he won a version of the lightheavyweight title after starting at 147.
Tall and lanky usually means long reach.Most guys can't trane to fight a long reach so its hard to learn to get inside except for on the job traning.Its even harder if the tall guy is fast talented and has power. Hearns. Thats when early body work pays off......
So how do tall and lanky and underweight people keep themselves so fit?
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