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I just had the pleasure of watching a replay of Liston-Patterson I.
Although Sonny crushed Floyd in an impressive fashion, in the words of the
great Max Schmeling, " I see something". It was up close on the slow motion
replay. I saw how often Floyd's bobbing and weaving style made Sonny miss

I've always felt that Liston along with George Foreman had the perfect
style to thwart Joe Frazier. With Big George I have no doubt since he has
twice proved his point. With Joe facing Sonny, I'm not so sure anymore.

I have Sonny ranked high among my all time heavyweights. He's # 6 on
my list behind Ali, Joe Louis, Larry Holmes, Jack Johnson and Foreman. He
had the jab, the strength, the power and the killer instinct. Sonny was a
big heavyweight in his era.

Circa 1971...The Joe Frazier who beat Muhammad Ali in Madison Square
Garden on March 8th was one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Joe
was never better before and he was never the same after. I can not remember
a fighter so motivated to win that he put his whole career and future on the
line to achieve victory. On that night Joe Frazier was great.

Take that Joe Frazier and match him against Sonny Liston on his best
night and what do you get ? One hell of a fight !

When I saw Floyd bobbing and weaving, effectively slipping the Liston
jab I thought to myself, how would Frazier react in that situation ? If you
took away Liston's jab, you won half the battle. Yes Sonny had a good
uppercut which would be effective in deterring an aggressive fighter on
coming forward. Still Sonny was not that much bigger then Joe. Foreman and
even Ali were just bigger and stronger then Joe and it enabled them to out
fight Frazier. Sonny in top shape was 210-215. Worst case scenario, he would
have ten pounds on a prime Frazier.

I just feel that Joe could have taken the best Sonny had to offer.
Liston was a very slow puncher. He did not throw short, sharp and accurate
punches like Joe Louis. Sonny was a mauler and a brawler. I could see
Frazier just sliding under those shots and landing murderous left hook
counters. How many of those could Sonny have taken ? Joe has one of the best
left hooks in the history of boxing. Just ask Ali, Jimmy Ellis and Bob

If Joe could survive the crucial first and second round, I see him
picking up momentum and just breaking Sonny down.I've got to go with Joe.

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I agree, Frazier was 5'11', and Liston was 6' thats not a big difference. Liston sometimes telegraphed his punches which would give Frazier the heads up to duck and unleash the left hook.

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yeah liston was an animal in the ring as much as i liked joe i would think sonny would have done much the same as foreman did to him.
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