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you guys might laugh at this, but I have taken a pair of those small fingerless weight lifter gloves with the wrist strap and used them under gloves, I even used them under my wraps when I had a wrist injury. I read Floyd Patterson did this, and it seemed like a good idea.
Another thing I have done; I hate knuckle guards because they are too thick, but I took a neoprene wrap and cut out the knuckle portion to make a tin neoprene pad. I have also taken neoprene and rolled it into a cigar shape, cut it to the width of my fist and glued it. Then when wrapping I place the roll just under my knuckle. it gets pulled just right by the wrap. I used to have a lot of soreness at the bottom of my knuckles before doing this.

I have done this for several of the guys I train and they all tell me they feel as though they can punch through a wall.

my .02
Haha ghetto. If it works it works I guess.
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