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Will Mayweather/Mcgregor be like Mayweather/Gatti or worse?

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I just was watching some Mcgregor sparring sessions and I couldn't help but think how bad he's going to be dissected by Floyd. I've honestly seen amateur boxers who looks better in the ring (may not have the physical prowess, but their boxing fundamentals are better).

For some reason it seems that he's concentrated on trying to fight on the outside, which would be a dire mistake against Floyd. Especially since Mcgregor has no good jab, fights in a philly shell and has only okay footspeed. With all this considered, he'll likely be eating leather in a fashion reminiscent of Arturo's fight against Floyd. The main difference in favor of Arturo is he had better endurance and a good jab.

I know you can only evaluate so much from sparring footage alone, but Mcgregor is in deep-deep trouble from what can be observed. He'll be winded by round 5 and will probably be entirely defeated both physically and mentally by 8-10. TKO round 9. What's your guy's take? How will he be beaten?
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Damn, so this forum really did go to die, huh?? :facepalm:

You guys should of kept things up with the times :cop:
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