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Wille Pep, the greatest feather weight champ

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YouTube - Willie Pep - P4P Profile

Willie Pep, the greatest featherweight ever, and one of the greatest P4P fighters ever.
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Hey, Bill. I appreiate you posting that link ... it was just the other day, Thanksgiving Day, over my dad's house (now 74 years of age), and we were talking and Willie Pep's name came up. Then today, I heard Wille passed away, this morning at age 84. I had remembered telling you that my dad had been a sparring partner once for Willie Pep in the early 1950's.

Willie Pep had a long professional career. As I understand it he turned pro ... in 1940, and retired in 1960, or there about, and ended with professional career of 230-11, with 65 KO's, and 1 draw.

He was one of the greats!

Willie Pep was the greatest P4P boxer ever. RIP Willie the Wisp.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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