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Wladimir Klitschko vs Lamon Brewster Discussion Thread.

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Wladimir Klitschko vs Lamon Brewster

12 rounds, IBF heavyweight title

july 7th, Kölnarena, Köln, Germany
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haha im gunning for brewster to win, even though i cant stand his voice, worse than tysons, but im pretty sure wlad will most likely knock him out around the 7th.
i wouldnt say hes better, i'd just say brewster is probabley worse now.
i would say he has learned to not get hit as much, but not better. His chin is still weak and i hope brewster can get it. but my head tells me brewster wont make it past 10.
i dont htink he has wlads number but i think he has the power to ko wlad, it hink alot of heavyewights have the power to ko wlad but brewster just got lucky. Either way i still want brewster to do it again. But i dont think h ewill.
i also agree bill. Keep up the discussion guys. this fight is almost toss up to me. brewster has not fought in awhile and his last fight was very much give and take, i hope we get an action packed fight between these 2. I think whoever gets caught clean first will go dodwn.
i dont see what anyone sees in wlad. just shows the state of the heavyweight division.
i think we can all agree with that. This fight is a punchers chance from both angles.
as hard as it is to believe, some still question it.
one more week guys, im pissed that hbo isnt reairing the first fight. I havent seen it.
lol me too tom
ill be on vacatoin when the fight does start but im sure someone here will do a round by round for ya. its being shown at 4 oclock where i live.
lol yeah the world isnt going to end and the heavyweight division isnt going to get any better over night. Even if brewster ko's him again, its not a very big deal.
good shape or not, brewster isnt shy to take a hit to land a few. I think he may very well just have klits number.
the shorter the fight the better. there hardly any good heavyweight fights that last longer than a few rounds. i wanan see a slugfest, and then klit get knocked out.
most likely but man i would love to see the opposite.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: you watchin the fight david?
have you sold your grand national yet?
oh, my bad man. so your keeping the buick and selling the chevelle?
1 - 19 of 57 Posts
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