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Wrapping your Hands: How To

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Hands are the vital tools a boxer needs to use, and protect, in order to be successful. No matter whether your sparring, hitting your heavybag or just hitting the speedbag, you should ALWAYS wrap your hands prior to training. Wrapping your hands helps to protect the small bones on the top of the hand, the thumb, and also helps to support the wrists and protect the knuckles.

When wrapping, you want the handwrap to be snug, but not too tight, so occasionally make a fist while your wrapping and make sure it feels comfortable.

It will be hard to describe this process in words, but Ill do my best. Note that there are many different ways to wrap hands, but this is how I was taught at my gym and it seems to work very well for me.

When wrapping your hands, you want to start out with your palm facing the floor, and your fingers spread far apart. The reason your fingers must be spread apart is that you will prevent the handwrap from becoming too tight, and cutting off circulation.

Start with the loop of the thumb, and wrap across the back of the wrist. Wrap around the wrist about 3 times, then across the top of the hand and around covering the palm. Come up across the knucles twice, and then back underneath across the palm again. You want to then make 3 X's which would be across the top of the hand, and around the base of the thumb and across the lower palm of the hand, then back across the top of the hand to the front base of the thumb. Youll notice this makes an "X" across the top of the hand. After you make your 3 X's, loop across the base of the thumb once, and then get about 3 loops over the top of the knuckles. After that try and get one or two more X's if you have enough handwrap left, and finish off by getting a couple loops around the wrist for wrist security.

Some people will put small tape pieces inbetween the knuckles to prevent the handwrap from slipping over the top of the knuckles while in the glove. Some will even use the handwrap itself inbetween the knuckles to do the same thing. I didnt use either because i didnt need it, and when using handwrap inbetween, it was creating more pain in the joints of my knuckles after training. This I'll leave up to you and what works for you.

If you need a better illustration or instruction for wrapping hands, you can check out this instructional page from Ringside:
The Proper Way to Wrap Your Hands
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Top tier thread!

Thank you very much for an essential guide such as this one. Boxing gloves do not protect your hands — they merely stop you cracking your opponent’s skull open — handwraps do that.

I like this method, though I personally wrap so that it goes between my fingers. It provides me with extra protection and simply feels better for me.

What length of wrap did you have in mind for your method? 108, 120 or 180?
180 is what most will use, and that also what I use. Better to have a little too much, than not enough. The 120 ft lengths are usually for children women, or those with small hands. Thanks for the kind words!
Captainobvious99 said:
those with small hands.
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wrap your wrists tight
So wait do i have to buy Hand wraps or can i use Athletic Tape?!?? is there a BIG difference?
Handwraps are breathable and wont cut off circulation like athletic tape (if wrapped properly). Plus they are stronger because of the material they are made of.
Thanks Very Helpful i was going to make a big mistake but probably would have noticed the difference after everyone at the gym laughed at me lol
also you would have to keep buying athletic tape since you can't reuse it.
I have a question though (for captain obvious), you said your wraps are 180? is that in cm or in? i'm not sure how long mine are but i've looked at a lot of different ways to wrap and with some, like yours, i dont have enough wrap to do all of that.
also you would have to keep buying athletic tape since you can't reuse it.
I have a question though (for captain obvious), you said your wraps are 180? is that in cm or in? i'm not sure how long mine are but i've looked at a lot of different ways to wrap and with some, like yours, i dont have enough wrap to do all of that.
Good point!

About the handwraps, they are usually measured in inches. Here are the ones I usually get:
Classic Handwraps at

These are 170" length by 2" width. If you find that you dont have enough to do the wrap procedure as listed with a standard 170-180" wrap, thats okay. Just modify the procedure to your liking. Jut make sure that the wrap is comfortable, secure, and not cutting off circulation. Then be sure that you have given yourself good knuckle, wrist, and hand protection with the wrap. Its something that you can kind of tweak to suit what feels and works for you best :thumbsup:
their length is usually given in cm.
bit of a brain lapse there, they are measured in inches as captainobvious stated
okay cool thanks cap'n! i ordered some new ones that are the right length and i can really tell the difference. The other ones i had basically just covered my hands and kept them from ripping the skin off, but these ones actually provide padding!
This is how i've been wrapping my hands is it ok?

YouTube - Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Boxing handwraps

Thats pretty good as well yes. I really like this video. The tape is a nice addition, but not required. Important things to note in this video:
1. The cross pattern to protect the top of the hand
2. Making sure you keep the fingers spread and prevent cutting off circulation

Although he uses the mexican style wraps in this video, I prefer the standard. The Mexican wraps have elastic in them which makes for a nice comfortable fit. HOWEVER, once you start sweating in them, they can compress more and cut off circulation moreso than the standard wraps. Something to keep in mind.

Handwraps Instruction For Boxing

this site also has a step by step photo tutorial for a couple diffrent ways of wrapping your hands. that site is how i learned how to wrap between my fingers.
Hello everyone and I thank you in advance for the help.

My question: I currently use Everlast classic hands wraps when I train but just recently I discovered some of their new "Advanced" wraps. With these Advanced wraps there is no need to take the extra time time unroll, wrap your hands, and reroll like the classic waps.

What do you all think?

here's a link Advanced
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