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Heavyweight: Ali/Tyson/Louis
Cruiserweight: Jirov/Haye
Light-Heavyweight: Jones jr/Mohammad/Michael Moorer
Middleweight: Jones jr/Mccallum/Jackson/Hagler
Welterweight: Robinson/Leonard/Hearns
Lightweight: Pryor/Chavez/Duran/Whittaker/Armstrong
Featherweight: Pep/Saddler/Hamed/Chocolate
Bantamweight: Brown/Escobar/Dixon
Strawweight: Ricardo Lopez/Wilde

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HW : Ali & Holyfield
Cw : Holyfield
Lhw : hard one ill go with Jones jr.
smw : Kessler
mw : Hagler : Dlh
ww : Leonard & whitaker
jr ww : Tzsyu
lw: Whitaker
fw: Barrera & Hamed

dont really have all time fw at the lower weights there altho Morales, pac and vazques come to mind.

Heavyweight: Lennox Lewis/ Mohammed Ali/ Rocky Marciano/ Joe Louis
Cruiserweight: Evander Holyfield
Light-Heavyweight: Roy Jones Jr
Super Middleweight: Joe Calzaghe
Middleweight: / SR Robinson/ Marvin Hagler/ Nigel Benn
Welterweight: Miguel Cotto/ Oscar De La Hoya, Tito Trinidad, SR Leonard/ Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran
Light Welterweight: Ricky Hatton/ Aaron Pryor
Lightweight: Amir Khan/ Manny Pacquiao
Featherweight: Wayne McCullough/ Barry McGuigan/ Naseem Hamed/ Eric Morales

They're my fav fighters past and present.

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Heavyweight- Floyd Patterson/Micheal Moorer
Cruiserweight- Vassiliy Jirov/Carl Thompson
Light Heavyweight- Yaqui Lopez/John Conteh
Super Middleweight- Allan Green
Middleweight- **** Tiger
Junior Middleweight- Julian Jackson
Welterweight- Carlos Palomino/Emile Griffith
Junior Welterweight- Bruce Curry/Roger Mayweather
Lightweight- Mando Ramos
Junior Lightweight- Bobby Chacon/Rolando Navarette
Featherweight- Antonio Esparragoza
Super Bantamweight- Mahyar Monshipour/Wilfredo Gomez
Bantamweight- Orlando Canizales/Khaokor Galaxy
Super Flyweight- Robert Quiroga
Flyweight- Efren “Alacran” Torres
Junior Flyweight- Humberto Gonzalez/Yoko Gushiken

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Heavyweight: Rocky Marciano
Cruiserweight: Evander Holyfield
Light-Heavyweight: Ezzard Charles
Middleweight: Marvin Hagler
Welterweight: Carmen Basilio
Lightweight: Alexis Arguello
Featherweight: Willie Pep
Bantamweight: Ruben Olivares
Strawweight: Never watched enough to get a favorite.

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Heavyweight: Lennox Lewis - Jack Dempsey - Mike Tyson
Cruiserweight: David Haye
Light-Heavyweight: Ezzard Charles
Super Middleweight: James Toney
Middleweight: Bernard Hopkins - Kelly Pavlik - Stanley Ketchel
Welterweight: Tito Trinidad - Miguel Cotto - Thomas Hearns
Light Welterweight: Aaron Pryor - Timothy Bradley
Lightweight: Pernell Whitaker - Joan Guzman - J.C. Chavez
Featherweight: M. A. Barrera - Naseem Hamed - Salvador Sanchez - Azumah Nelson
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