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Yvon Durelle passes away

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CBC Sports is reporting that Canadian Boxing Great, Yvon Durelle, 90-24-2, 51 KO's has died at age 77. Durelle, had a stroke on Christmas Day (06) and also suffered from Parkinson's Disease. He will always be remembered for his legenday war with the late great Light Heavyweight Champion, Archie Moore.

RSR extends the customary ten count to Durelle and extends our sympathy to his family in this, their time of grief.

RIP Yvon Durelle.
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Yet another great boxer goes in the last 10 months. I mean really Pep, and Patterson died over night, Berbick got his head chopped off by hiss nephew, TYson will probably go to jail again under charges of a DUI and possesion of cocaine, Ali isn't talking very well at all... 06, a sad year for the old boxing greats.
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