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Zab Judah is running 8 miles a day, sparring 10 or more rounds daily, taking on spar partners who studied Miguel Cotto video tapes "for weeks" said promoter Brian Young today in Memphis.

"Zab is fully prepared," said Young, president of Prize Fight Boxing which promotes Judah. "Zab just sparred 10 hard rounds at our gym in Memphis. He went in against sparring partners who studied Cotto video tapes for weeks."

The sparring partners include high-energy Lamont Peterson, a 20-0 junior welterweight, and Anthony Peterson, a 22-0 lightweight.

"When we announced Zab was fighting Cotto I went right to the film library," Young said. "I got six good Cotto tapes, gave them to Lamont and Anthony, told them to look at videos over and over. Our ultimate goal is to get every Cotto move down and win this fight.

"The Peterson brothers previously worked with DeMarcus Corley before he fought Cotto and looked at what happened in that fight," Young said. "As far as Judah goes, it's pretty much understood that the fight against Cotto will not be going the distance. That's how confident Zab is."

"Cotto chose the wrong fighter," Judah said. "I'll need about five rounds. New York is my town, not his."

Cotto vs. Judah "X-Plosive" Pay Per View at Madison Square Garden on June 9 is promoted by Top Rank in association with Prize Fight Boxing. Cotto vs. Judah will be broadcast on HBO Pay Per View.

Tickets at $500, $300, $200, $100 and $50 including a $4.50 facility charge may be purchased at the Madison Square Garden Box Office, Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmaster Express (866-448-7849) and
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judah will be gassed by four, especially with the body attack. Judah is one very entertaining fighter and if delahoya/mayewatherwas entertaining, this fight will definently destroy it in bang for the buck. I see this as a definent toe to toe battle. Its a toss up still. I think if it last past 6, cotto will win,

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Judah will come out to try to finish Cotto early cause like tysonjones said NO ONE can stand Cottos body punches for 12 rounds.

I wouldnt be surprised if this was a toe-to-toe war but i think Cotto has the superior power and skills and will take it.

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I am not quite that confident my friend! And I don't really have the same hatred PREFIGHT for Cotto as I did for Oscar so it wouldn't make me as nervous. I really didn't want a pic of Oscar as my avatar, but I wouldn't mind a Cotto one too bad. The only thing is it's gotta stay with the pretty boy. I can't be called PrettyBoyFloyd and have a Cotto picture.
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