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Kframe38 01-03-2012 08:51 PM

question regarding training and metabolism
Hi, im new to the forum and to boxing. I just had my 4th class and would like some advice. Most of the class my heart rate is up, im sweating im getting a great work out, then i get to the speed bag. SInce im new to the speed bag, i suck at it. The coach wants me to just focus on hitting it right and keeping it moving and not worry about putting alot of speed and power behind it yet. I feel that my work out slows down there and it feels more like a break for 5 rounds.. Now i realize that i have to start off slow and learn it, but do i still burn calories while learning the speed bag and doing it slowly??

Doe the more aneorbic(spelling, im not sure how its spelled) burn calories? activities like the heavy bag and double end bag?

Like i stated in my introductory post in general forum, im doing this for a few reasons. Namely to loose weight and get into shape, and to learn a great martial art.

TheCornishMan 01-05-2012 05:55 PM

A certain sportswear motto says "Just do it", my old trainer put it succinctly using the oft used old saying, if i say jump, don't ask why just how high:)

As with any exercise, to do it in good form takes practice, the speedball can take longer than others as the hand eye coordination aspect is paramount.

But there is such a buzz when you can get that rata tat tat rhythmn going, so don't give up.

One of your main reasons for following the boxing regime is weight loss, your heart rate does not have to be maxed out all the session to do it, and look at the fact all exercise is calorie burning.

In your intro thread you say you have muscle soreness next day after training, so sounds like you are working hard.

You sound like you trust your trainer, he has planned a regime, follow it and your goals will be reached.

Good luck.

Kframe38 01-05-2012 10:18 PM

Thank you for the advice TCM. Ya i do trust him, he is a great guy with TONS of experiance. I just completed my 5th session and my arms are sore already... I did not know that your heart rate dosnt have to be up to burn calories, that makes me feel alot better. On a good note, im starting lil by lil to get the speed bag. I still fark it up, but im starting to get it. When im in full rythm and its just going and going it sounds and feels great. Of course about 15 secs after i realize im thinking about it, i fark up LOL and have to start over.

About metabalism, seeing as i used to be very sedentary, how will this affect my metabalism? I would imagine, that after a year or so my base line metabolic burn rate would be higher then it is currently, or is it something that goes up with excersize and then back down to low lvls? The reason i ask, is my Brother in law, is a huge excersizer and he just burns fat just doing nothing his metabolism is so high... Will mine get higher and stay there some day?

TheCornishMan 01-06-2012 08:25 AM

Each persons metabolic rate is different, we all know slim people who consume large amount of calories yet do not gain weight, so i could not give you a definitive answer, metabolic rate can be assessed by doctors, but i know for a fact that resting muscle burns several times more calories than a equal amount of fat does.

You burn calories just sitting, you burn more calories when exercising, my point was your pulse rate does not have to be at its max to burn decent amount of calories, the work on the speedbag primarily only works the upper torso so can give you the impression you are not working hard, but you are, its just not using the large muscle mass of the legs thighs and glutes as much.

Kframe38 01-06-2012 10:39 AM

That explains why it dosent feel like im using much energy when i do the speed bag. Is there any websites i can go to learn more about the relationship between work outs and metabolic rates?

TheCornishMan 01-06-2012 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by Kframe38 (Post 481137)
That explains why it dosent feel like im using much energy when i do the speed bag. Is there any websites i can go to learn more about the relationship between work outs and metabolic rates?

I could not give recommendation for any one website, but if you enter 'metabolic rate exercise' into Google you will get a lot of basic information.

I would also suggest that you have a chat to your trainer, they have wise old heads, and in my experience tell you the facts without the jargon.

Continued good luck.

Abdiel 03-12-2013 09:09 AM

Well yeah you burn calories,because when we do some workout continuously our body burn the bad fats its a great benefit of working out keeps us active strengthen the body and increases the stamina.

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